Cisco 1841 router specification

Cisco 1841 router specification
Cisco 1841 router specification

The Cisco 1841 router features secure, fast, and high-quality delivery of multiple, concurrent services for small-to-medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices.

Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router is part of the Cisco 1800 Integrated Services Router Series which complements the Integrated Services
Router Portfolio. Cisco 1841 router offers embedded hardware-based encryption that enabled by an optional Cisco IOS Software security image.
It delivers further enhancement of VPN performance with an optional VPN acceleration module; an intrusion prevention system (IPS) and a firewall
functions; interfaces for a wide range of connectivity requirements, including support for optional integrated switch ports; plus sufficient
performance and slot density for future network expansion and advanced applications as well as an integrated real-time clock.

Product Specifications of Cisco 1841 Router

Cisco 1800 SeriesCisco 1841
Target ApplicationsSecure data
Form FactorDesktop, 1-rack-unit (1RU) height (4.75 cm high with rubber feet)
Rack-MountableYes (Optional Rackmount kit: ACS-1841-RM-19=)
Dimensions (W x D)• 13.5 x 10.8 in. (34.3 x 27.4 cm)• Height without rubber feet: 1.73 in. (4.39 cm)• Height with rubber feet: 1.87 in. (4.75 cm)
Weight• Maximum: 6.2 lb (2.8 kg); with interface cards and modules• Minimum: 6.0 lb (2.7 kg) (no interface cards and modules)
DRAMSynchronous dual in-line memory module (DIMM) DRAM
DRAM Capacity• Default: 256 MB• Maximum: 384 MB
Flash MemoryExternal compact Flash
Flash Memory Capacity• Default: 64 MB• Maximum: 128 MB
Modular Slots-TotalTwo
Modular Slots for WAN AccessTwo
Modular Slots for HWICsTwo
Modular Slots for Voice SupportNone-The Cisco 1841 does not support voice
Analog and Digital Voice SupportNo
VoIP SupportVoice-over-IP (VoIP) pass-through only
Onboard Ethernet PortsTwo 10/100
Onboard USB PortsOne (1.1)
Console PortOne-up to 115.2 kbps
Auxiliary PortOne-up to 115.2 kbps
Onboard AIM SlotsOne (internal)
Packet-Voice-DSP-Module (PVDM) Slots on MotherboardNone-The Cisco 1841 does not support voice
Integrated Hardware-based Encryption on MotherboardYes
Encryption Support in Software and Hardware by DefaultDES, 3DES, AES 128, AES 192, AES 256
Power Supply Specifications
Internal Power SupplyYes
Redundant Power SupplyNo
DC Power SupportNo
AC Input Voltage100 to 240 VAC
Frequency50 to 60 Hz
AC Input Current1.5A maximum
Output Power50W (maximum)
System Power Dissipation
153 BTU/hr
Software Support
First Cisco IOS Software Release12.3(8)T
Cisco IOS Software default Image, ReleaseIP BASE, 12.4(15)T
Operating Temperature32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Operating Humidity10 to 85% noncondensing operating; 5 to 95% noncondensing, nonoperating
Nonoperating Temperature-4 to 149°F (-25 to 65°C)
Operating Altitude10,000 feet (3000 meters) @ 77°F (25°C)
Noise LevelNormal operating temperature:• <78° F/26°C: 34 dBA• >78°F/26°C through <104°F/40°C: 37 dBA• >104°F/40°C: 42 dBA
Regulatory Compliance
Safety• UL60950-1• CAN/CSA 60950-1• AS 3260• EN60950-1
EMI• EN 55022, 1998, class A• CISPR22, 1997, class A• CFR47, Part 15, Subpart B, 1995, class A• EN61000-3-2 Harmonic Current Emission (only for equipment >75W but <16A)• EN61000-3-3 Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker (only for equipment ≤16A)
Immunity• CISPR24, 1997 ITE-Immunity characteristics, Limits and methods of measurement• EN 55024,1998 ITE-Immunity characteristics, Limits and methods of measurement• EN50082-1, 1997 Electromagnetic compatibility-Generic immunity standard, Part 1• EN 300 386, 1997 Telecommunications network equipment EMC requirements• The requirements are covered by the following standards:• IEC 61000-4-2:1995 Immunity to Electrostatic Discharges• IEC 61000-4-3:1995 Immunity to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields• IEC 61000-4-4:1995 Immunity to Electrical Fast Transients• IEC 61000-4-5:1995 Immunity to Power Line Transients (Surges)• IEC 61000-4-6:1996 Immunity to Radio Frequency Induced Conducted Disturbances• IEC 61000-4-11:1995 Immunity to Voltage Dips, Voltage Variations, and Short Voltage Interruptions
Network Homologation• USA-TIA-968-A, T1.TRQ.6-2001• Canada-CS-03• European Union-RTTE Directive 5/99• Argentina-CTR 21• Australia-AS/ACIF S002, S003, S016, S031, 3043• Brazil-225-540-788, CTR3, 225-100-717 Edition 3, NET 001/92 1990• China-ITU-G.992.1, ITU-G.992.1, ITU-G.991.2, CTR3, ITU I.431 1993• Hong Kong-HKTA 2033, HKTA 2033, HKTA 2014, HKTA 2017 Issue 3 2003, HKTA 2011 Issue 1, HKTA 2011 Issue 2, HKTA 2013 Issue 1• India-I_DCA_18_02_Jun_99-199, S/ISN-01/02 Issue 1999 S/ISN-02 1 1998, IR/PRI-01/02 Issue 1 1998, S/INT-2W/02 MAY 2001, S/INT-2W/02 MAY 2001• Israel-U.S. approval accepted• Japan-Technical condition (DoC acceptance in process)• Korea-U.S. approval accepted• Mexico-U.S. approval accepted• New Zealand-PTC 270/272, CTR 3, ACA 016 Revision 4 1997, PTC 200• Singapore-IDA TS ADSL1 Issue 1, IDA TS ADSL 2, IDA TS HDSL, IDA TS ISDN 1 Issue 1 1999, IDA TS ISDN 3 Issue 1 1999, IDA TS PSTN 1 Issue 4, IDA TS PSTN 1 Issue 4, IDA TS PSTN 1 Issue 4• South Africa-U.S. approval accepted• Taiwan-U.S. approval accepted

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